Kevin embodies the DIY ethic and fully supports bands and artists who record themselves. However artists often struggle with mixing their own music which can leave great songs and performances feeling unfinished. Early Recording's mission is to help you get to the next level with a professional mix that will complete your vision. We are happy to provide you with guidance during the tracking phase to better prepare you for our mixing session. We look forward to hearing from you as you begin planning your next project.


We've all been there.  The first few takes have the feel you were looking for but might be blemished by a few mistakes.  You can spend your time with multiple takes to try and get them technically "perfect" and still end up with tracks that lack energy.  Or...we can work with your tracks to preserve their initial energy and excitement.  Drum editing services are available in addition to our standard mixing services and include sample replacement and timing corrections.  Don't settle for drum tracks that may ruin your song's potential.         


As a recording engineer, Kevin knows the song is king.  As a fellow guitarist, he understands the pursuit for that perfect tone and how it can play an important role in the overall vibe of the mix.  Based on a song's individual needs, guitar re-amping services are included in our standard mixing services.  Re-amping services are also available a-la-carte.  If you're not happy with your recorded guitar tracks, Early Recording can re-amp your DI guitar tracks to help you achieve a sound that best serves the song.



Tracking services are available on a limited basis. Early Recording offers a full band recording experience in a relaxed setting for those who wish to embrace the energy and vibe of a full band performing as one. We specialize in the art of live drum tracking to capture the emotion of real musicians playing real instruments. Please complete a quote request for more information.




Kevin began his musical journey over 30 years ago and has continued to perform, write and record in multiple heavy and aggressive bands.  He found a passion for recording while working on his first demo at a local studio.  He immediately picked up his first four-track cassette recorder and hasn't stopped honing his recording skills since.  Kevin has been tracking, mixing and mastering heavy aggressive bands since 2003.  He takes pride in cultivating each artist's sound to achieve their vision.  


Are you ready to give your sound the intensity it deserves? 




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